Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Woodlands are awakening...

I am halfway done painting my latest purchase, which Pat still hasn't seen yet, having been too damn busy with my day job. I present to you, unpainted here, the Woodland Folk (aka elves)!

I do apologize for the quality of the picture but my camera sorely needs replacement, being "tempra-mental" at the best of times anytime I use it indoors.

This is a bundle pack from Microworld Games, a maker of 6mm miniatures. They offer both Fantasy and Sci-Fi minis at great prices in my opinion. The reason I bought elves was to have forces of "good" versus my "evil" goblins, but also to have something to field against Pat's "Dwarveses" once he is done rebasing them for HotT. The bundle costs $30 USD + $5.00 shipping and will allow me to make the following bases:

- 4 X Behemoths @ 4ap
- 2 X Blades @ 2ap
- 6 X Flyers @ 2ap
- 1 X God @ 4ap
- 6 X Hero @ 4ap (1 Hero with Standard Bearer and Horn Blower)
- 2 X Magicians @ 4ap (3 per base)
- 6 X Shooters @ 2ap
- 3 X Spears @ 2ap

That means I can field up to 86ap worth of bases with that one bundle. Not too shabby...

I love the look of the Forest God, the Tree Behemoths and the Eagle Rider Flyers a lot. The one thing I did mod on the figs was to repin the flyers on stainless steel pins with a bit of epoxy for stability. Apart from that it took me 5 minutes to remove the flash on ALL the figs, which was a lot better then my last order from Irregular Miniatures... Which reminds me, I need to re-base my Goblins to allow the addition of two new large figs to the army... More on that later!

I am going for a darker look for the whole army. I wanted something different then the classic Elves i.e LOTR Elves.

I should have finished painting the Elves in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for more pictures! =)


Kaptain Kobold said...

"That means I can field up to 86ap worth of bases with that one bundle"

Not legally - more than 50% of your force is made up of elements costing 3AP or more :)

Pat G said...

I think the intent is that the bundle gives 86 AP of troops not necessarily an army on the table of 86 points. Marc and I usually play 24 or 72 points though if he wants to put 86 on the table then I am going to have to get going with my cannon.

Kaptain Kobold said...

We did a 96AP game a year or so ago - looked great and played well ;)

Herne said...

Pat is correct; I usually field multiples of 24. And I was indeed referring to the total of bases in the army, not what I actually field! =)... 96AP game huh? Wonder if I could tempt Pat into that... lol!