Monday, July 11, 2011

Real Life

I had intended on getting in a solid days worth of painting this Sunday last. Eldest daughter was going off on a double date but all the movies playing were crap so they wound up back at our place. I have not been able to get my painting space in the garage setup again after the last big cleanup. I was going to use the kitchen table but that is close to the library where the quartet of teens was hanging out. So, in order to be a good parent and give the kids some space but be close enough to know if things were getting too quiet, I wound up upstairs watching Two Men Went to War and First Squad and didn't lift a brush.

Oh Well.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

A small update on my side of the minis...

Been doing less work on miniatures of late as I have other things to work on, but I needed a break so I pulled out my ants and proceeded to paint them for my 60mm based hordes army to replicate a scenario in the book "Armor".

I primed them (gray works best at the moment) then once they were dry they got a heavy dose or red, as seen below:

What you see above are the individual, as in seperate, 192 ants that I primed, THEN painted red, by HAND, meaning by paintbrush... What a long task! At least now I am done painting them, I just need to base them...

Once these are done, I'll be jumping on the opponents for my Ants, my Space Marines!

My next post should be the Ants based and ready to take the play field by pure mass attack! ;-)