Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Purchasing Plans

Unfortunately Santa was not looking at the list provided and while many nice things were received for Xmas, lead was not one of them.

With Space 1889 rebooting into 15mm, I am left in a bit of a hard place. The status of the 25mm line is unknown yet I have enough miniatures in hand to feel committed to sticking with 25mm.  Further, while I do most of my wargaming in 15mm and 6mm, role playing is still done with 25mm. Practically, I have to plot out what I need and get that before it disappears.

So from RAFM:

  • Two 20 figure bands of Hill Martians @ $30 each = $60
  • One 20 figure band of High Martians @ $20 = $20
Sadly mounted are not on the menu as at $5 a pop (yes - very reasonable for 25mm mounted) Martian Gashant Cav are $40 per troop of 8. I would like to add a company of Canadian rifles from the Riel range but that line is under no threat so that will have to wait. A company of Japanese would also be nice but - much more expensive (around $80).

I have enough 15mm Celts to field several DBA armies or around 200 points in DBMM so I would have to say I am done with 15mm ancients for the foreseeable future. As mentioned in a previous post, Marc and I have been playing DBA with 6mm figures on 25mm bases - very nice looking. I have a DBAs worth of Alexandrians waiting to be painted and based but I would like a third army for some variation. I am thinking of Libyans as covering both books one and two and because they are dead cheap. Two strips per base so about 5 pounds sterling or about 15 bucks with shipping for  DBA army. Since I might be able to drop in on Baccus directly when we go to England in the Fall, I may let that purchase wait.

So planned purchases of around $100 an entirely achievable goal I think.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Over the Christmas week I got in a couple of DBA3 games with Marc. I took my new 6mm on 25mm basing Romans against his Thracians. A few of first impressions. The new quasi-random terrain generation removes a lot of cheese. No more setting symmetric terrain that suits you no matter how your opponent rotates it. The new move rates get you into the fight much faster. They aren't really any different from DBMM but on the small DBA table you won't be manoeuvring much. As a result of this, both games were under 20 mins. Blades following up was a little odd. This is another carry over from DBMM where irregular blades follow up but regulars - like my Marians, do not. I am not sure how I feel about this but at the moment it doesn't feel right.

I won both but only because I was able to tempt the Thracians out of the bad going. An enjoyable pair of games.