Thursday, January 25, 2018


Earlier I posted an image of the new floor in the games room. Now all the painting has been done, new lighting put up, and most of the furniture built and installed. To see the difference I offer up a before and after picture:


And after:

Off to the right is a new painting desk and a recycled book case and to right of centre are 4 folding tables, allowing gaming space up to just under 5 feet by 12 (1.5x 3.5 metres).

Currently I am putting back in all the gaming bits and bobs. Art will be going up shortly and I will be acquiring some really useful boxes to help organize things. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

A new year

So here we are in 2018. A new house, a new year and a new games room with the picture above showing the new floor.  Later this month, all the walls will be dry-walled, plastered and painted. Later will come shelving and a gaming table or tables - I'm still in the process of deciding.

One thing I started before New Years was committing to 30 minutes a day doing something war gaming related. Apart from reducing the lead pile, I find it helps with my mental health and that's a good thing.

I am hoping for an exciting year to come in war gaming!