Sunday, August 23, 2015

Boats for Mars!

Over on Thingiverse Devon Jones has been working on Openforege an extensive range of open source dungeon terrain tiles.  I printed up a bunch last year but realized that I would never have time for RPGs so they went to a new home.

However, earlier this year Mr Jones released a set of rowboats and dinghies which will be perfect for the canals of Mars.  There are a few technical tweaks needed but below is the first set of prints.

I like the small boat especially since it is just different enough to say not of Earth. The larger may well get used as a landing craft by Earther forces or maybe even Oh'ktava'ns Marines.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Terrain for Space 1889

Just a quick post. Life has been crazy busy since the Spring and is even more so now Canada is in election mode. I was however able to put together a bit of terrain for Space 1889 and Gruntz:

The spiky things are the seed pods of Fuller's Teasel, a roadside weed that used to be used to fluff up wool blankets. Add some card bases a little sand and some flock (dyed tea leaves) an I have a dozen or so spiky Martian bushes for Oh'ktava'an's troops to hide behind.