Saturday, October 3, 2009

First DBMM Game

George came over the other night with some Antipatros Macedonians and Persians. We each had 210 points split into two commands. Since this was my first DBMM game, we decided not to use terrain (actually I don't think we had any) but George walked me through the selection process. With the high Macedonian aggression, they were the invaders, and I deployed first.

My main command with the higher dice was composed of Cv with some support from PS and Ax and Lh. The second command was of Sp again with some lights in support. With two commands the big question is where to put the cavalry. I went conventional and put them on my right wing double depth with the PS/AX on their left and the Lh on the right. The Greek Mercenary Sp block went two deep on my left with lights on the flanks.

George setup the Macedonians in a mirror image, facing my Cv with Companions supported by a pair of Elephants. On his right, he put his pike block facing my Sp with some lights in support.

On the starters gun, I pushed the Lh on my right flank well up the field. Seeing the Elephants, I congratulated myself on having the Ps/Ax attached to the CV near the centre line and moved them out in front of the Cv block for some pachyderm hunting. On my left, I pushed forward the Spears keeping its support dressed up. On his turn, the Maecdonian cut the traces on the Pikes and let them rumble forward.

I was having too much fun having fun and being confused to recall precise details. The pikes and spear got into a shoving match which ultimately the spear lost. At one point the respective generals were in hand to hand combat. I dithered about with my Cv and ultimately wasted them. As I have written elsewhere, I managed to get the Ps/Ax block into a position where they couldn't quite contact the El without getting charged by the Companions, my Cv couldn't support them and if I tried to move my Cv up, their line would be disrupted by the Px/Ax block.

In the end, my spear command was crushed and along with a few Cv casualties I lost the game. However it was great fun and I look forward to doing alot more.