Thursday, February 25, 2010

Last night's DBMM game

George brought his Macedonians and Persians over again last night. With the redneck table disassembled for the moment, we were restricted to the kitchen table. At 300 points each, we were able to get 3 commands on the table but there was not much room for maneuver. 

George set up a long line of Persians, mostly horse of various types backed in the centre by a spear command.
I setup a group of  'nellies and Companions on my left rear, a 4 deep pike block in the centre then more horse on the right in line with the pikes. My plan was to advance with the pike and grind through the centre of his line while protecting the right wing with horse and the left with the elephants. As it happened, I screwed it up.

George ran his horse forward winding up right on my troops on right and centre while he threatened the left of the pikes with more horse.  I pushed into the Persian ponies with my own and the pikes. Seeing that the pike were not threatened on their left I left the 'nellies and pretty boys standing. Yup that's right I did nothing with my preeminent strike force. 

My right flank horse held up well for a couple of turns but were rolled up and ultimately broken. The pikes ground away at the horse but since they couldn't use full depth eventually started to crumble breaking the army. The nellies and companions got caught up in pointless Lh chasing to keep them off their rears but eventually got stuck into some horse where the elephants did some good damage.

Lessons learned:

  1. Things happen very quickly on shallow battle fields - Start deployed rather than ready to march.
  2. Pk factors are indeed very nice when 4 deep but don't work against horse. Setting up second I should have deployed them in line - maybe 2 deep but certainly not 4 deep column.
  3. Nellies are very nice. Too bad the Celts don't have any.
  4. I was pretty happy with my handling of lights. 
  5. I need to play a lot more (Aw too bad)