Sunday, March 14, 2010

DBMM Game 6 Mongol vs Sung

This one never got posted for some reason.

Game 6 saw a Mongol - Sung rematch with me taking the Mongols again. The big difference is that we used terrain this time.

Pre-game saw the Sung come up as invader - something I hadn't really expected. The terrain went down fairly easily with only one patch of rough going to give me trouble.

The game rapidly turned into a shoving match between the horse and bow. The (S) was a life saver to the point that in a couple of fights with Bw(X) as Sp(I), the S made the Cv un-killable.

Another new thing for me was using a stratagem. After reading up on the Mongols I took feigned flight.

I probably sprang it too early but it was pretty pointless - my Lh flipped the Bw(X) the bird and ran away waggling their tails seductively. By the time they finished their flee move, Only a couple of Bow were in range to go impetuous. Pretty much a waste of points.