Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Good Painting Day

Some time to paint yesterday along with most of today allowed me to make a lot of progress on getting the new dwarves painted and based up for Polemos Mythic Army.
The Army:

Dwarven Army

I really like the sense of mass the larger bases allow. For the next batch, I will get a little more creative.

The Infantry:
Dwarven Infantry
A closer view. The figures on the painted base are from the first army pack I bought. The others are the new guys. I took a more relaxed approached and skipped the belts and boots. You really can't notice the difference. What is noticeable is the shield bosses on the new guys. A simple feature with a lot of impact. I will be repeating in on future figures.

Finally the Heavies:
Dwarven Combined Arms team.
Classic Baccus pusher carts backed up by high-tech steam driven fliers. I am really happy with the flier conversions. Fairly simple and very effective.