Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life vs gaming

Between the ramp up to the Canadian general election and re-doing the office space I have had precious little time to game and no time to paint. Even my Martians in the Snow game I was going to run at the CNSE is threatened by the election so might not happen.

That said I did manage to beat to a pulp win a few games playing HotT with Marc and I have had a couple of extended games of Zombies with friends and family. Good friends bought us a bag of extra zombies the same day we bought an extra bag as well - so no more using counters. The missus also added zombies dogs to the mix and given the estrogen level in the house, girl zombies are on order "Not the teeth, Tammy."

And if you are Canadian - Remember to vote, or spoil your ballot or refuse it just get out there and do something.