Monday, November 21, 2011


On Friday night I took my Irish Heroes down to the club for a Hordes of the Things tournament. It is a very simple army with a Hero General, Hero and 8 war band. My opponents fielded much more mixed armies and I think that was the telling point. My command and control was much simpler and my plan was simply to grind away with the Wb while taking care of the opposing Cv with my heroes. No fancy manoeuvring or match ups. I doesn't hurt that a hero general at +6 is a pretty imposing base to face. I was also very lucky in that I was defender in all three games so I was able to choose both terrain and get the first move which allowed me to offset my opponents' deployment and control the tempo of the game. There were a couple of misplays through the three games thanks to differences in the DBx series but nothing game changing. More practice is required :)

In all a good evening and though yes I won, it was the playing that made it. My one regret was that Marc's work schedule meant he couldn't play.


tim said...


I've been enjoying playing Warband a lot myself lately. hadn't thought to try and combine them with Hero(es) in HOTT. The one downside to the Hero General (which I do often take, nevertheless) is magicians can get lucky and blast you from afar and end the game... or if your opponent also has a Hero General and they just happen to line up and face each other directly the game can come down to a single dice roll!!

I find some people - because HOTT is so open - in terms of army selection that they try to take a little bit of everything and lose sight of the idea of having a "simple plan". I find the simplest plan often works best.

Speaking of "the playing that made it"... I played in a DBA tournament a couple years back at a convention. I came in dead last. But I had more fun in that event than in any other all weekend! It's ALL about who you're playing with.

Herne said...

Indeed, I wished I could have made it to that one tourney... Had bought an army just for that event ages ahead of time too!

Lately, I've been thinking I want to field my 6mm goblins (based on 15mm bases) in a 72ap army, 3 commands, just to try it out... could be fun!