Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The good and the bad.

The Easter weekend found me laid low with a nasty cold putting paid to a whole series of projects.  It was so bad, I  had to take a nap during the family D&D game. One of the projects put on hold was a steampunk monorail based on an RAFM Cyclops blended with an early 20th century armoured draisine. More to follow on that one.

The good news is some overtime came through so I was finally able (read coerced) to buy a storage cabinet for all my miniatures that have been cluttering up the hall way (why my wife objected I don't know). I went with a portable tool chest from Canadian Tire that rolls and splits into three separate boxes. The drawer unit was very quickly lined with magnetic tape and is now a safe and comfy home for some of my troops.

With the rest, I bought a contingent of hill martian cavalry and a contingent of hill martian infantry to back up my canal martian troops. With all the hardware the Brits have, the martians are going to need all the help they can get.


Tony said...

I look forward to seeing the monorail finished.


Pat G said...

Hi Tony, 8' of straight track and 180 degrees of curve has been laid. I hope to be ballasting and painting this weekend. Which of course means I am avoiding the hard part of making rolling stock.