Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Doldrums

Well not exactly. Summers get busy around here for all sorts of reasons. Not too much going on on the modelling front. Some birthday  gifts have been cleaned up and epoxied to  the requisite washers, some have even been undercoated.

Gaming paradoxically has been good. We were off camping in August which oddly saw me play a number of games of Resistance, Skull and Roses and several incomplete games of Saga. Hardcore gamer all the way.

The printing front has been quiet with a large print of a 28mm Martian Skiff failing just before we went away. That has been sorted out and will be reprinted after I add more detail.  On the camping trip, I came into possession of the Aeronef rules. I had given up on these as a set I had ordered and paid for a couple of years back never arrived. They look to be good fast play rules and I love the ships. So what does this have to do with the printer?

Here is my first pass at some 1200 Aeronefs. There were some issues with the fins being too thin and the support for the carrier flight deck.

These faults have been rectified in the upgraded designs. I am not sure if the fins are too big here.

The original DD beefed up a bit in the fins and the funnel left solid. Otherwise I am very happy with this model.

A slightly larger DD variant, I added the sponsons as this will be a common feature of this fleet. I am also a bit of a torpedo junky so this one gets a quad tube mount. It could also be a leader for a flotilla of the smaller ships.

So quite a bit accomplished for a lazy/busy summer.

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Francis Lee said...

Damn nice lazy summer stuff Pat!