Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home Guard for Chain of Command

On last year's wonderful trip to the UK, I picked up some of Wargames Foundry's rather nice Home Guard figures. I tried them out with I Ain't Been Shot Mum but the company+ level of the game didn't really fit with the HG's intended role.  Then Chain of Command came out. Platoon level, limited troops on a reasonable table - Perfect! Along with a platoon of Fallschirmjaeger, I was ready to go - but... All the lists in the book were for Late War Normandy and Eastern Front - Not my cup of tea.

The Lardie's Rich Clarke said he was open to player produced lists so rather than mope around and wait for someone else to make one I got stuck in. Ross Bowrage from the Yahoo group was kind enough to send some information my way and gave some really good feedback.  The early drafts in true open source fashion came fast and furious and were posted up on the Yahoo group. Now I am ready with the first final draft* Sadly, the space on Yahoo has run out so I have had to put it up on Google drive - so why not share it as widely as possible? So here it is:

CoC Home Guard List Final Draft 1

Enjoy, comment, criticise :)

*Yes final draft 1. I have worked with enough documents over the years to know that "final" never means exactly that.


Herne said...

Looks neat Pat! =)

Will have to show me the rules so I can get hooked an that set as well ;)

Mike Whitaker said...

Will be testing it a week Monday ;D