Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mad Padre's 100k contest

The winter has been long and busy with sadly little modelling done.  I am opening 2014 with a contest link: It's A Contest! Celebrating 100K Page Views For Mad Padre Wargames  Crass opportunism on my part? Not exactly.  The Padre does great work with his gaming.  While I have never been a believer, Padre and those like him put their asses on the line to take care of the mental and spiritual well being of the soldiers, sailors and air force personnel who put themselves in danger.


Napoleon: I hate playing IgoUgo rules with Wellington, he always drags his feet measuring the ranges.

Hanna Reitsch: 0
Yvette: 1

Ichi-sama's chances with Ilsa plummeted when he thought she asked for a "pint-sized perfect head" and not  a "pint with a perfect head".  


Francis Lee said...

Good ones Pat.

Phil said...

Nice looking minis!

Michael Peterson said...

Thanks for the kind words and comments, Pat. It's been a long while since my ass was on the line, but I appreciate your sentiments.