Thursday, June 12, 2014

A little painting

One of the groups I loiter around at ran a low pressure "contest" to paint up an infantry unit. The prize - motivation and a finished unit.

Last year a friend dropped by for some gaming and very kindly gave me a box of these:

 Spartan Games Dystopian LegionsFederated States of America Wilderness Section
And this is my take:

Unfortunately the point and shoot camera I have was acting up and of the dozen or so pictures I took these were the only two that worked and even then I had to tweak the brightness and contrast. The actual colours are not quite so toy like and the finish is not quite so shiny.

With the exception of the resin bear traps and the leaping figure, all were re-based onto the steel washers I use. I just don't like the big display bases.  On the whole the figures were very nicely detailed sculpts.  And as usual, my painting doesn't do them justice.

Unfortunately, Spartan's caster might be pushing their molds a little too hard.  There were  a couple of fiddly arm joints - more of a design problem - and some fairly serious gaps in the dogs' hind legs that needed to be filled. The axe head for the leaping figure was completely missing. The rounded end where is should have been suggests the mould  didn't fill properly. A couple of rifle barrels also came up a bit short. The leaping figure had a significantly arched back, so much so that his rifle is decidedly curved in ways it shouldn't be.

Overall I enjoyed painting these figures and will happily put them on the table - especially the dogs, Pepe - the skunk hatted hunter and of course those bear traps.

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