Monday, September 8, 2014

All quiet because there is too much going on.

Between work and life, it has been an extremely busy Summer.  I have started collecting 1/72 WWII for Chain of Command, created a gaming mat for 1889 and begun printing dungeon tiles on warprinter. I also won a PDF of Adventures in the East Mark an Old School Rules fantasy RPG and I even managed to type up a review - for someone else's blog of course. Head over to Tenkar's Tavern and check it out.

Pictures of all this to follow but here's a sample.


Robert Hingley said...

Evening Pat. More Martians, looks intriguing. Will we see more Space 1889 action at Cangames in 2015?

Pat G said...

Very possibly Robert. I am not sure about Soldier's Companion - I need another two Legions of Mars boxes to get a viable Martian force. Earther magazine rifles are extremely effective.

I am slowly working on Martian lists for In Her Majesties Name as a simpler skirmish option.

Another possibility is to stick with Solders Companion but have the players take an Earther platoon each. As GM, I can then recycle Martian units as they are annihilated. Also stewing in the back of my head is using some sort of blinds system for the Martians - that should let them close a little more easily.

So M'ork's Drift for 2015? Yes very possibly.

More to Follow

Robert Hingley said...

Hi Pat,
I have 3 boxes I have to paint. It would give an excuse to work on them. Just give the word.