Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 6x6 Challenge - My List, First 2017 Post, and a house keeping note.

So 2016 has finally gone, while it had some very good parts, like our trip to Malta, it had it seems more than its share of pretty crappy parts as well; walking out of Rogue One only to find out that Carrie Fisher's passing had been made public while we were in the theatre, being one of them.

 Now on to: 

My 6x6 Challenge List: 

Ace of Aces Handy Rotary edition

 A WWI air combat game that combines a flip book for graphics with a choose your own adventure style mechanic for movement and combat. A true analogue flight sim. 6 games complete against eldest's boyfriend over New Years, 4 losses, two draws - the boy is good.


An Avalon Hill board game of WWII air combat. Derided by some for minimal player input, this solo game does capture the looming predestination felt by bomber crews trying to hit the magical 25 mission mark.

I am dropping B-17 from the list. The reasons behind my initial enthusiasm have not proven strong enough to last.  What the replacement will be is yet to be determined.

Chain of Command

 My go to WWII platoon level combat game. Santa provided a pub in my stocking so expect to see the home guard out in force defending this important strategic asset in the coming months. I want to get my 20mm stuff out on the table as well.


If I can stop myself from being sidetracked by interesting campaign details, I hope to be running several short sessions for friends with lives and little time.


15mm Scifi. I have multiple armies now and it is a fun little game.

Soldier's Companion, Space 1889 

I have the toys, the table, and the terrain - now I just have to play with them. :)


Air Force
Another Avalon Hill board game of WWII air combat. Fairly detailed with some interesting mechanics.


Yet another AH board game of WWII air combat, this time at a more strategic level. I have not actually played this one at all.

Car Wars

3x post apocalypse with converted matchbox cars because Furiosa.

 So there we are. Now you may notice a lot of air combat games in there - I have the germ on an idea in my head for a game design and want to do some research in that vein.

A Housekeeping Note:

Those of you following IrrWb(F) for any length with notice that the blog template has changed to a modern interactive variation. This is not due to a desire on my part to make it "fresh and exciting" but simply because the old template became corrupted and I am still deciding how and if to rebuild it.


Kaptain Kobold said...

Ace of Aces played on New Years Eve, eh? So doesn't count for a 2017 challenge :-D

Kevin Kearney said...

Cool selection of games. I LOVE Aces of Aces, and still have the Handy Rotary and Powerhouse books. I also played a lot of B-17 but foolishly gave it away. Looking forward to your game reports.