Saturday, July 7, 2018

A week's work

I have been on a weeks holiday in part because family have been visiting. That doesn't mean I haven't found some time for a little painting and gluing down in the games room.

First up is some base work on my 20mm WWII plastics. Not much to see really, but when they were first done, it was more important to get them based rather than to get them based well, the immediate object being to give the finger to the black dog. They're still not perfect but they are good enough.

In the same theme, a long while back a friend  gave me some markings for the Canadian 4th Armoured Division. The Sherman was marked up as from the Governor General's Foot Guards - my old militia regiment, the M3 as the Lake Superior Regiment in keeping with the infantry. The Lake Sups were the Motor Regiment that worked closely with the armoured regiments of the 4th division.  I had the jeep kicking around so I remove the pintle mounted .50 and marked it as from the 15th Field Regiment - also from 4th Armoured div. It will be the ride for my FO. Many thanks to Richard for the transfers.

side view


A couple of notes. The decals were a bit too big for the jeep and far too big for the rear of it and the front of the M3. The M3 is an M3 and not an M5 because that was what I had on hand. The Bren on the M3 is based on a photo of a Lake Sup vehicle. It was a bugger to attach and some creative use of super glue and baking soda was needed to make a solid mount. It passes the 3 foot test and that's all I need.   The stars are skewed intentionally - this was a period Canadianism - we are not always sure how to define ourselves but we know we are not Americans - no offence to those of that house.  The Sherman is the very old Airfix plastic kit - let's just say I felt a bit bad for putting such nice decals on it. Still, it also passes the 3 foot test. Once the decals were set up, I did some basic weathering with GW Nuln oil and earth shade purchased with a birthday gift certificate from my offspring. I am happy with the results - but the price....
That's it for now - more to follow.

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Phil said...

Well done, impressive job!