Friday, April 12, 2013

Magnetic Movement Trays Part II

With Cangames fast approaching I have been trying to fit in bits of modelling here and there. Unfortunately, the weather has been less than cooperative, reducing my time in the man cave. So painting the movement trays I made earlier it is.

Above is a selection of the three types of bases. The small ones on top are for regular troops in base to base contact, the larger rectangles are for massed irregulars and the larger ones are for your sneaky skirmisher types. All are made up of thin MDF drilled to take rare earth magnets at appropriate spacing.  I am still deciding to flock or not. So let's put the boys on the cat walk.

We begin with a quintet of Oenotrian Fusiliers. Though most of these lads are from the Cutter company, they have brought along one of their riflemen to balance out the party.

Next up is a mass formation of Oenotrian citizens army irregulars demonstrating the close packed formations so often seen in the streets after the Gashant Polo Matches let out. The fuzziness of the image is as much due to the intoxication of the fearsome fighters as it is due to the incompetence of the photographer.

And finally, we have 5 young Martian chaps down from the hills showing off the latest spring fashions while they demonstrate their renowned skirmishing skills.

The bases work quite well and can even be inverted without the minis falling off (as long as you don't shake them too much) As noted in the first post keep them away from your credit cards etc.

Next up we go terrain shopping at the dollar store.

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Michael Awdry said...

That is a damned clever idea! I suppose the flocking would add too the piece and won't affect the magnets.