Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Steampunk Miniatures from Meridian

Yes I am an unrepentant RAFM fan-boy but sometimes you want to order off a different menu. Andrew May over at Meridian Miniatures has been working on a new line of steampunk miniatures.  He has a few pictures up on his Blog and has posted quite a few more on the most august of all war gaming boards: WD3. Be sure to check out his Facebook page as well.

Although there are other steampunk lines on the market, Andrew has come up with a range of heads that cover the usual subjects but also add in some diver's helmet and post apocalyptic variations that capture the genre very nicely. But, what I am really excited about is his range of weapons. Most steampunk weapons I have seen have been influenced by  WH 40K. Andrew's are unique and beautifully capture the creativity and variety of weapons created by steampunk cos-players and authors. 

Post Apocalyptic Heads

Diver Helmet Heads

Great Steampunk Weapons

Be sure to check out some the contract work he has done. He is a very talented sculptor.