Tuesday, May 31, 2016

IHMN Dino Hunt!

This weekend past, I set up the table in the man cave, worked up some basic dino rules for In Her Majesty's Name and ran a quick dino-hunt for my friend Shane.

View of the field from the dino end
A basic road through the jungle. Brush is considered to extend back to the table edge.

The hearty band of adventurers
Shane picked a group of figures he liked the look of and I transposed the stats for them from the basic rulebook. Hunter, gun slinger, lady adventurer, Brick Lane bomber - with explosive grenades, and an axe guy.

The Hunt Begins!
The party sets off.  I had some very basic rules for encounters - 1 or a 2 on a D6 for a dino to appear with type coming from a fudged Venus encounter chart in the Space 1889 RPG rule book.

Rawr? Herbivore prey in sight
The first behemoth pokes his head out of the brush.

The hunter fires, hits but the massive lizard makes his pluck roll. This was to be a pattern for the rest of the game.  Making dinosaurs armour light and pluck heavy gives the right feel.

That's not very nice! RAWR!
The dino charges and the lady adventurer counter charges! (Must be a follower of Mrs. Pankhurst)

Seeing a lady in distress, the hunter fires again and the dino takes one in the cranium.

What'cha doing?
Mean while a Steggie wonders what all the noise is about. While reading up on various dinosaurs, I noted that current thinking is that the plates of the stegosaurus were used for signalling emotional state. I chose to interpret this as the  Clouding Men's Minds power which shuts down all shooting. This may be a bit too powerful but it prevents a complete walk over by the gun carriers.

An Oops! and a Boom!
The Brick Lane boy rushes in and fails his grenade throw.

Deploy the Thagomizer!
Steggy prepares to retaliate against the un-armoured human. Yes, "thagomizer" is the accurate technical term.

And the party charges in to close the range.
Swing and a miss!
The Steggy hits but the street ruffian manages to duck under the whistling spikes!

I don't like this!
The Steggy thinks better of the situation and takes off.

Run Away!
And keeps going.....

Follow the Yellow Sand road!
The party heads back out, short a specimen.

Soft, what teeth o'er yonder hill top break?
Only to meet a pair of Velociraptors!

Who promptly charge in coming up a little short. The bomber responds but her ladyship can't quite make it.

Bang, Bang, Bang!
Everyone opens up...

And one goes down!
Taking down one of vicious critters. Sadly it's sibling comes up short and snapping teeth fail to connect.

The noise police return.
Steggy wanders back.  This noise is disturbing his grazing and simply must stop!

Firing past the head of the Brick Lane boy, the hunter takes out the last raptor.

Deploy Thagomizer! (again)
The Steg charges in...

Another Swing another Miss - Babe Ruth he ain't
and fails, falling to a hail of bullets from the gun slinger.

The road goes ever on...
The Hunt continues.

Fee, Fi, Fo Fum!
What's that noise in the woods?! Could it be....

Nom, Nom, Nom....
The Terrifying T-Rex charges in as fast as a horse and takes a snap at the Hunter....

whose pluck isn't that plucky and takes off screaming like a little school girl - the shame - I mean attempts to open the distance for a ranged attack.

By my reading of the rules at the time, the T-Rex did not follow up.  While I wait and see what the IHMN consensus is, for future games I will house rule that unintelligent terrifying creatures must follow up to the extent of their move, intelligent ones may if they wish.

Her ladyship sneaks in for a rear attack.

So embarassing.....
The T-Rex swings his mighty tail to bat the female ape creature away - and fails rolling a "1". Rolling for a critical failure, and failing again with a second "1", the force of his swing over balances the mighty lizard and drops him in the dirt.

Next turn he pops back up and attempts to gnaw on the lady ape...

Eeeeeek....!!! round two
who fails her pluck roll and runs screaming like a un-manned hunter into the bush.

Raaaawr!  I can do this I know I can!
The T-Rex runs on the gunman again, who runs again leaving the lizard open to a rear attack.

Denied and the axe falls.
The axeman jumps in and with one mighty swing to a very sensitive spot, drops the lizard in its tracks.

The butcher's bill.....
A successful hunt complete. Lots of tweaks to make but it was a good game overall with several points where the humans were in serious danger.


Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely wonderful, a fabulous adventure.

Herne said...

That looked like an afternoon of pure excitement! :) Well written as well Pat!

Kenneth Hockley said...

Great write up and encourages us all to spend more time in charity shops, looking for the plastic beasties!

Gordon Richards said...

A ripping yarn!

Captain Darling said...

Fun looking game! Well done!
I wonder where VSF ends and Pulp gaming begins? I am planning what I think is a 'Pulp VSF' game myself...