Monday, May 16, 2016

Martian Muster

This past weekend, I set up my games table in the garage and got all my Space 1889 bits out to photograph and inventory. A fair bit of this has appeared before in different configurations but everything is now mustered into more or less fixed units, and colour coordinated too! Taking the inventory also allowed me to figure out what pieces needed to be repaired and based up and where I needed to add some rank indicators to bring the units in line with the morale rules.

Oh'ktava'n's Experimental Company - The Stalwarts
All armoured with shield gunners in the first half company, cutters in the rear. Regular V0 or E0

Kas'trum Fencibles
An armoured front half company with a mix of cutters and shield guns backed by an unarmoured half company of cutters. Regular T0 or V0.

First Kas'trum Marines
A regular pure shooter company, under strength but equipped with rifled muskets. Regular V1S 

Loyal Kas'trum Company
A very conventional city state unit with shooters and cutters. Irregular T2

Kas'trum Civic Guard
An irregular unit with mixed shooters and cutters in the front and pure cutters in the rear. Irregular T2 or G2 seem most likely. Though they might get a boost for their fancy black uniforms. 

Pier Worm Roaster's Guild Social Club and Civil Defence Force "The Red Caps". (Left)
The Gentleman's League of Redweed Harvesters and Patriotic Rifle Corp "The Blue Bonnets" (Right)
His August Eminence and Grand Master of Secret Societies (Centre)
The Red Caps have been described elsewhere.   The Blue Bonnets are new comers who claim their constant battles against the armoured mud-crab make them far better shots than mere slug poachers. The Grand Master has his fingers in most occult goings on including the Ground Cleansers and possibly even the Cult of the Worm.   X3S or V3S. Rifled muskets.
Second Oenotrian Lancers - The Canal Terrors
After the dragoons were rotated out, a stronger contingent of lancers was sent in as replacements. Armoured and (obviously) equipped with lances, the Terrors are regular V0H so lots of close combat bonuses.
Num'da's Raiders
Boosted by brothers sisters and cousins in search of booty, the slightly under strength Raiders are Irregular T2.

Kas'trum Scouts
Again seeing an influx of mercenaries from the hills, the scouts have a half company of shooters and another of bow. Irregular T2.

The Horde of Antevaxx
The Ochre Horde of Antevaxx Rules for their use have been laid out in an earlier post. Irregular V1 or E1 for King's Guards

Mixed artillery
As mentioned in a previous post, the canal Martian gunners are used to mark when field pieces are on the Martian side manned by Askari crews. New additions are two howitzers, four RAFM Greek fire projectors re-purposed as light guns and two ancient ballistae - stats for which I have not yet settled on.

Moeris Lacus Dragoons
A new unit of light cavalry with musket and sword, the Dragoons are Regular X2. Alternatively they can act as Light Horse or mounted infantry.

Moeris Lacus Trucial Company "The Prince's Own"
Recruitment efforts have boosted the Prince's Own to a full company. As before they can also play on the Martian side as Askari deserters. Or they can act as Dragoon dismounts. Regular X2

Gerneral Sir Not Appearing in this Film
Ok he was still in the box when I had the rest of the Earth forces out to photograph.

Royal Marine Light Infantry
Still in need of an officer. These can, in a pinch, sub in as some sort of foreign European force. Regular V1.

3rd Civil Service Rifles - "The Paper Clip Boys"
A slightly over strength company of riflemen from the Dominion of Canada. Regular X2S.

The Queen's Own Something or Others
Good old regular line infantry. The blue facings suggest Guards but these can be used for any British unit as required. Regular V1

Gatling gun and Pack Options
Just a Gatling gun and a couple of types of pack animals to lug it around. Charging at the elephants gets a +1 down hill bonus - these are big castings.

Tri-wheel Draisine
An armoured rail vehicle to patrol my monorail.

Ewing System rolling stock
A quickly put together locomotive and rolling stock for my monorail. On the flatcar is  another tri-wheel that remarkably survived a fall to the garage floor. It is going into the shop for a re-glue and re-paint.

The To Do pile
From left to right, repair, rank and re-base.

All The Toys
All the toys on the table. It is 4' by 7'. I think I have enough for now....


Michael Awdry said...

What a fabulous collection you have amassed! Fabulous job.

peter said...

Great work on all these very original figures.


Giles said...

That a great set-up, Pat. I love the Gatling gun and its, er, "mules".

Best wishes


J Womack, Esq. said...

That's some 300+ figures done.

Now I feel like a slacker. I have minis that have been waiting for years - maybe closer to a decade - to get done.

But well done, you!

Mad Padre said...

Absolutely lovely to see this army on parade. Very impressive - I like how you have tied the various units together with colour.
If you need a few more RAFM Colonial British infantry I may be able to help you out.

DLI said...

Splendid turn out Sir. Wish I have something finished last month to show you. You've made up with this post for my Space 1889 fix. Bravo and thank you :)

Clive G said...

Wow, I'm so sorry I missed this at the time you posted it. That is seriously impressive! Well done, sir.